Critique The Pitch Softball Pitching Drill

Critique The Pitch Drill

Purpose Helps pitcher correct flaws in delivery. Drill Setup Pitcher stands on the rubber. Catcher is behind home plate. (35-40 feet away) How it Works Pitcher goes through normal motion and throws the

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Smooth Motion Pitching Drill

Purpose Helps prevent pitcher from pausing at the top of her delivery Set Up Pitcher stands anywhere on the field. Instructions 1. Pitcher takes off glove and holds it with pitching hand. 2. Pitcher swings

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long toss for softball throwing pitching

The Long Toss Pitching Drill

Benefits of the Long Toss for Softball Pitching If you are a softball pitcher and you’re not long tossing, you may be stunting your pitching development. When done properly, the long

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The Drop Curve Pitching Drill

In today's video blog post, we are breaking down the "Drop Curve" pitch, and demonstrating an excellent pitching drill for working on this tough pitch! The Drop Curve Pitching Drill The Drop

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