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softball hitting the outside pitch2

Softball Hitting: Hitting The Outside Pitch

A quick tip on hitting the outside pitch is you have to let it get deeper into the zone. This will give you more power behind it and you can drive it hard to right field. Pitchers throw to this area because it’s harder to make contact (further away from the eyes) and more difficult…

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high low hitting drill

High Low Hitting Drill

This double tee hitting drill focuses on keeping the club head nice and high until the batter gets ready to make contact. It is important that the barrel stays higher than the hands throughout the swing. If the batter dips, drops their hands or has a lazy back wrist, the club head will hit the…

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The Hammer Hitting Drill and a Strength Test

The Hammer Drill is a fantastic hitting drill that allows you to feel the proper wrist position for the hit. The Hammer Hitting Drill Using a 2×6 and a hammer, have a player grasp the handle of the hammer with both hands, in their hitting grip. They should swing through, just as they would with…

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Softball Hitting: Inconsistent Contact and the Uncontrolled Bat

At times you have players that don’t have that consistent ability to hit the ball well. Maybe they have too much movement in the swing?  In today’s blog post, we are talking about softball hitting and come techniques you can use to correct inconsistent contact and the uncontrolled bat. A pre-stride can eliminate that one…

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softball hitting the tire drill

The Tire Drill for Softball Hitting

The Tire Drill is a softball hitting drill for strength, but it also develops point of contact understanding and teaches players to hit through the ball. In this offensive softball hitting drill, players gain an understanding of the proper contact point, and how to hit through the ball, because they are going to use the…

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