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When running softball hitting drills, remember to focus on 6 primary areas: bat selection, grip, batting stance, bat position, trigger, and the swing. This softball hitting drills section contains detailed tips and strategies to improve your team’s hitting.

Softball Hitting Errors: How To Fix The Collapsing Front Leg


The Collapsing Front Leg upon stride phase is another common softball hitting problem that you see in many players.  If not addressed early, it can continue to be a problem as the player advances in levels. A collapsing front leg occurs when the batter, upon stride phase, collapses that front leg, placing all of her…

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The Stride Box Hitting Drill

stride box hitting drill

We know from watching a softball swing in slow motion that the toe opens up and the hips start to snap through in the swing. The Stride Box drill is an excellent hitting drill to help address the issue of opening the toe too soon.   The key in this hitting drill is to make sure…

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Multi-Ball Hitting Drill


Purpose This hitting drill teaches the hitter to concentrate hard on the right ball to hit. It also teaches the hitter to keep their weight back. Breakdown • The coach has two balls that are different colors. • The batter is position where he or she is facing the fence so that the hit ball will hit…

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A Beginners “Step Drill” for Softball Hitting


When the player gets into their stance, one of the most common problems you might see is the first step of the hit going out.  In today’s video blog post, we are sharing a great beginner drill that you can use to help your players learn to not step out of the stride during the…

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Using the “Dry Swing” Hitting Drill for Dynamic Balance


The “Dry Swing” Hitting Drill develops dynamic balance and proper body sequence of the swing. By dynamic balance, we mean chin staying over the top of the belly button and working from the ball of the foot to the ball of the foot. This is one of the first softball hitting drills you should use…

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